Factors to Consider in Starting a Transcription Career

Try to keep in mind these factors in starting a career in transcription. Your skill is one important factor to deal with. You can try enrolling to short-term transcription courses for this new skill. First, you need to have a good grasp of your keyboard, and then try to learn new techniques as you go along. Also, you have to…

Associate Writers (AWs) Writing Update

Hi to All AWs, Welcome to our new website! Soon, new writing jobs will be posted.  Always visit our website for further announcements!  http://archiedelara.com/tag/associate-writer/  Happy writing!

Coffee for the Transcriptionist

Let me go back to my coffee experience lately: As a transcriptionist, I drink coffee to battle my sleepiness while hearing to the voice of the doctor over and over again. But, how much should be enough? For most people, moderate doses of caffeine 200 to 300 mg, or about 2 to 4 cups of brewed coffee a day aren’t…

Study English Please!

I can’t help myself posting this. Pardon me. I’m not really excellent in my writing, but I guess this is too annoying to read. Someone sent me this email asking for a home based job…. hi, Archie de Lara but u did not replay me ? i am working medical transcriptionist and i want to know about job for me….