Battle of the Laptop Brands

To combat homesickness and feeling of boredom here in Saudi Arabia, I started thinking about getting a laptop. Together with my colleague in the hospital – where we are working as medical transcriptionist, we planned of how to get our laptop. I remember us always talking about it while waiting for the bus that will bring us to the hospital….

MTs and English Grammar

MTs are usally attested for their English grammar. Having an excellent knowledge in proper usage of the English language no matter how difficult to discern the spoken English of the doctors is truly important. Here is a link to test your English grammar. I hope this will help. Enjoy the test.

English Grammar

Here’s some helpful tests to improved your English Grammar. Follow the link below and take the test.

Continuous Learning

One major experience I gain on being an MT is to be able to learn more specialization in medicine. I am currenlty enjoying transcribing Cath Lab reports, angiography, percutaneous coronary intervention and as well as ICD implantation. The first ICD was implanted in 1980. It was FDA approved in 1985 and there was a rapid increase in the use of…

adD Associate Writers on Demand

adD is aiming to create a team of writers who can work primarily as associates. currently creating a team of writers who will be my associates. This is a way of maintaining quality articles that adD will provide to it’s partners in the web. as the Internet is soaked with a lot of contents, quality articles should me presented. These…