Keys to be Productive – 2

Envision: Begin with the result in mind. This allows you to makes choices whether it is a yes or no from circumstances that hasn’t occurred yet. To start on with the result first makes you prepared to deal with the word “if”. Note:  An applicant discussed this on his application:

Keys to be Productive – 1

Anybody looking to start a web design career should keep this in mind. When one endeavors to be a web designer, he must be hands on creating his own work. He must be proactive. Proactiveness. Finishing tasks ahead of time will give more benefits and you will have more things to do. This is a habit that should be practiced to ease workload and head on to…

Medical Transcriptionist’s Reference Website – 2

To continue the lists of references for medical transcriptionists (MT), please see additional websites that I find interesting. Medline – Medical Terms Dictionary Merriam-Webster – Online English Dictionary – Drug search This will be helpful for aspiring MTs, and I know experinces MTs already know this websites.

AAMT Book of Style

The AAMT Book of Style for Medical Transcription Second Edition This book is “the gold standard” for medical transcriptionists. It gives details about points of grammar, punctuation, style, usage, editing, and much more. Features of the 2nd edition include: a comprehensive index prepared by a professional indexer style points have been reworked and enhanced examples have been augmented for added…