Famous Places to Visit in Cebu

Undeniably, Cebu is one of the most famous provinces in the Philippines. Just its perfect location itself shows how this place is unique among the other provinces. The beaches, museums, hotels, monuments, landmarks, churches, resorts, natural sceneries, marine life and other structures offer different kind of experience that will make every kind of visitor come back again. Here’s a brief…

Summer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Recent news broadcasts in the Philippines monitor the daily temperature. Many complain the hot summer reaching almost 37 degrees in some areas of Metro Manila. Good thing, rainy season is coming that usually starts on June. This now can give some relief from the heat. But the heat of summer in Manila is nothing as compared in Riyadh.

Snowfall in Saudi Arabia

Snow fall in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is for real. There was a heavy snowfall in Tabuk, Friday 3 pm on March 2, 2012.  Several newspapers on their online reports stated there were some snowfalls since January 2012.

Quiet! They are praying…

One time while I was enjoying my new iPod 4G while working, my co-OFW got my attention and said “They are praying…” I didn’t notice that my iPod was in full volume, even if wore the headset on, the sound was too loud that it resonated.

OFWs Can Pay SSS Contributions Online

Before, I asked a family member of mine in the Philippines to remit my SSS contribution. I did this to make sure there is no gap in between my contributions. I chose the Voluntary contribution instead of the OFW contribution. Although, there are options where you can pay your SSS contribution in the nearby remittance centers in the country where…