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As early as grade school, I started selling pastillas to my classmates. Before going to school in the morning, I made sure to visit my Tiya Nene just across our house to fill in my baunan with freshly made pastillas. I had to wake up early because we needed to walk our way going to barangay elementary school.

At times, my baunan is almost half-way empty because as I passed by other students walking, they would spare their 0.25 centavos just to have a taste of my pastillas. There were times that I had to refill my baunan with more pastillas at noon break to have more to sell in the afternoon.

To add variety to the plain milk pastillas, my Tiya Nene added chocolate pastillas later on. Sometimes, a marble pastillas were also available. I still remember the taste of a hint of dayap whenever I ate some, and ended up nothing earned after remitting the sales at the end of the day. My Tiya Nene prepare these pastillas as a hobby, so sometimes, she did not ask for the sales anymore and gave it as a gift to me mainly on occasions.