My Guava Tree

I grew up eating guavas for snacks.  Our house is surrounded by guava trees and other fruit trees like balimbing (starfruit), chesa, star apple and kasuy.   There’s this one guava tree that distinguishes it’s taste from the other that even the fruit is bubot, it is sweet.

To add up an additional product to sell, I ended up adding it to the pastillas I sell to my classmates.  Here is the previous story about this.

In this way, I have extra money because at that time I’m trying to save some to buy a bicycle that I can use going to school which is about 2-3 kilometers walk from our house.  I was thinking also that time that I would want to save some money so that when I reach grade 6, I could have my own pair of shoes. During that time, grade 6 students were the only ones wearing shoes – we get used to wear our slippers going to school until grades 1-5.  We only had to wear shoes during special occasions like school programs.

Going back to selling a piece of guava for 0.25, there were also time that I would sell to three of my classmates would contribute 0.50 centavos to get 3 pcs.  Then, later on I added balimbing to the list of my itesms to sell.  My backpack is always filled with my baunan containing pastillas, choco and marble pastillas, and bayabas and balimbing.