One major experience I gain on being an MT is to be able to learn more specialization in medicine. I am currenlty enjoying transcribing Cath Lab reports, angiography, percutaneous coronary intervention and as well as ICD implantation.
The first ICD was implanted in 1980. It was FDA approved in 1985 and there was a rapid increase in the use of defibrillators following 1996 when some of the clinical trial data began to emerge showing that in randomized control trials, patients who have a history of potentially life threatening arrhythmias when randomized to either medicines or to ICDs — that ICDs consistently save lives at much improved rates.
So, really prevention is really best rather than cure. Patients didn’t need to wait anymore to have a cardiac arrest to figure out the risk but with ICD, the doctor can start to say that a if a patient is at risk for an arrhythmia — put an ICD in that person before he has a cardiac arrest. So when that cardiac arrest happens, the patient is safe.
God is really great – giving mankind endless knowledge.