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At times when you are filed up of topics and ideas for your blog, you wanted to blog them immediately. Everything or anything you can think of, you might want to blog about it. In some instances, any points of view or whatever topics you want to comment about, you opt to blog it.

Are these still acceptable? You may think of sometimes that you may have been crazy blogging. Why? Because of all the things you’ve been doing, you blog it. Wherever you go, or whatever you do, you keep of thinking to blog it. When bloggers do not have something to write about, they may turn to article writing services.

Most often than not, if you ended up nothing to publish or to blog, this may be a symptom of crazy blogging. That is why sometimes you feel like crazy or so much insane about your passion to blog. You spend so much time on your newest laptop or desktop and write so much just to blog more. You will find yourself crazy blogging due to following unjust reasons. Here are some indications why some of us feel like crazy blogging.

No blog followers. Every blogger wants to get as many readers as possible. The more people at least viewing your blog, the more motivated you are to write and post. But when you find out no one is following your blog, you’ll feel insane because no one finds your blog interesting.

Money over passion. As you blog, you also want to earn from it. Some or most of the bloggers have their blog loaded with advertiser. All potential marketing tools are being put in place to attract more advertisers who will pay you. A lot of times, if you feel like you only wanted to earn more dollars over your passion to blog, you might end up crazy blogging.

But you don’t need to be disappointed if you feel like you’re crazy blogging. You are just so passionate about your blog and your hobby. Who knows, you might get more followers and ‘likes’ and you might get more money as a result of your crazy blogging.