man in a laptopFrom the moment social networks appearing their popularity on the Internet, it grows day by day. It is so much popular, that almost every person is registered in one or another social network. We all know about the advantages of virus-like segment of the Web, but do we know its disadvantages?

Some social networks have really an enormous quantity of users. For example, not long ago one of the networks celebrated its forty millionth user. Just think about this number! As we all know, massive accumulation of people is always the attraction for frauds. Some popular social media site in Russia has also been in the limelight before for being just merely a dating or piracy site. In this article you will read about the real dangers and harms that may happen from social networks.

Mobile Frauds

If you are an active Internet user, you surely have seen that some sites suggest performing of some service after sms-sending. For example, in order to download a book, a film or a game, you have to send a message.

Besides, recently all banner and context ad has a lot of announcements like: “Send us a message with a person’s number and you will know all the information about him from the close base”. Or something like that: “You can know all the correspondence just by sending us his number”. All such things are one and the same type of fraud. So what connection is there between it and social networks?

It is really simple, because all ads of these harmful sites are spread through social networks. As a rule the real price of the message is much more high than the site tells.


The second danger which you can meet in social networks is dependence from them. Modern virtual social networks give some paid services. For example, you can answer the messages by sending sms from the phone, when you are offline.

Of course, very much dependent person tries to use social networks in full without any bounds. Besides, there are online games integrated in the networks, which require real money. The aim of the next type of fraud is abstraction of your personal page in the network. The fraud can see all yours and your friends’ personal information. The main idea of such fraud is simple: to lead fraudulent activity using your page.

In order to avoid this, you shouldn’t go to unusual links from strangers and don’t put your credentials on the other alike to the social network sites


The other type of cheating is based on trust. Just imagine the following situation. You see a message from your friend or good acquaintance with a request to lend some money or download any content. When you sit on the other side of the screen, you can’t know for sure who has sent you this message. And you may honor his request.

In fact, it is easy to fence yourself off the fraud, you just have to connect with your friend through another type of communication channel (for example, by phone) and ask him about the request.

Here you have read about the most popular ways of cheating with the help of social networks. But you should remember that every day, people invent more and more new ways of fraudulent schemes. 

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