It was my childhood dream to actually meet those characters I used to see on television and read about in books, be it Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or Goofy or Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. All this became reality when I got a chance to visit the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. The out of the world experience to be in Cinderella’s Castle and visit Mickey’s Toontown Fair is something I shall never be able to forget. Initially I had always been worried that a trip to Magic Kingdom would be pretty expensive. However, I realized that this wasn’t necessarily the truth when I went there myself. It’s very much possible while traveling with limited finance.

I was so very excited that I wanted to visit each and every nook and corner on setting foot in Florida’s Magic Kingdom. Nevertheless, I’ll recount the most memorable places that I visited there. I had started off my visit with a ride on Dumbo, the Flying Elephant. The queue fills up really fast for this ride. Thank goodness I had queued up well in advance and it was a mind-blowing experience altogether. Next I went in for a visit to the Pirates of the Caribbean. I had completely been transported into the world of the pirates with all the special effects, music and robotics. It’s a mythical experience altogether, I tell you.

I’m freakishly scared of ghosts, trust me. However, the Haunted Mansion was something I couldn’t afford to miss out on. My heart skipped a beat or two as I entered the Haunted Mansion, but it was as though I couldn’t have stopped myself even if I wanted to. Once I entered the Haunted Mansion there wasn’t a single moment when I could let go of my breath. It was a complete enveloping of my senses. The beckoning of the other worldly creatures is something that’ll not only tempt you, but also give you a hair-raising experience too.

Next was my turn to fill exhilaration at its best. The Splash Mountain experience left me breathless and super excited. The entire thrill associated with it is almost impossible to describe exactly. I felt as though I had reached the skies only to be brought back to earth! And oh what fun!

Then it was my turn to rub shoulders with Cinderella, Minnie Mouse and Sleeping Beauty and Goofy. My best buddies, you know. Fantasy became reality for me in that magical moment. Nothing could be more real to me than these fairy tale characters.

Adventureland was the icing on the cake for me when I could actually ride Aladdin’s Magic Carpet and the Swiss Family Tree House. I put to use the extra magical hours and enjoyed as much as possible! And yes, not to forget the yummy treats worth savoring at so many food destinations in Magic Kingdom. I’d say that everyone should go and have their experience of a lifetime at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

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