water from showerWater in many parts of the universe are either unsafe to consume or insufficient to answer the demands of the population.  And, although the scarcity brought about purified water, distilled water and mineral water as a popular business anywhere, residents need thrift with their use since there is a corresponding price for delivery, time, energy and transportation to and back from the place of purchase.  But, what, if suddenly a stranger comes along asking for a pail of water from an old unused well, pour and purify it and let people around get their share to drink?  Will this not be amazing or will the offer be grasped with open arms immediately?

The ObSys Story

As reported by CNN, dated November 11, 2013, and authored by Stefanie Blendes and Monique Revelland, in “Futuristic Water Recycling Shower Cuts by Over $1000”, a Swedish designer, Muhdad Mahdjoubi was responsible for the development of a shower that recycles water.  More than 90% of the water is saved and 80% energy while is washing.

The concept came into Mahdjoubi’s mind while taking up Industrial Design at the University of Lund in Sweden. The concept collaborated with NASA’s Johnson Space Center for use in space exploration.  During space explorations the explorers needed all possible resources to proceed and go back.  And the success of Mahdjoubi’s concept resulted to what is known as OrbSys Shower.

OrbSys Shower is a system of purifying water by recycling it as a person washes or bathes.  It works like an ordinary shower in a “close loop system”.  Hot water that flows from the tap to the drain is readily purified to drinking water.  The process is quick, water remains hot and reheated only slightly to drink.

OrbSys Shower’s Future Benefits

Installed for the first time at Ribersborgs Kallbadhus in Sweden this year 2013, in a bathing house in Sweden, more than 1000 bathers came and swam during the field test. Showers went for 10 hours and the feedback was excellent! With OrbSys Shower, only 5 liters of water is used for a 10-minute shower.  Regularly, l50 liters of water are used, that is 30 times as much without counting the fraction saved in energy. Mahdjoubi aimed to get it to as much people as possible and to motivate people the use of the planet’s resources.

Water as a primary necessity drove a Swedish designer Muhdad Mahdjoubi to invent the OrbSys Shower which saves not only water up to 90% but also energy by 80%.  He collaborated with Johnson Space Center for use during space exploration. But the inventor has not finished his dream.  He wants to bring his OrbSys for the use of more people to solve water shortage and to motivate them to use the planet’s resources.