Traditional jobs have pave its way to online platforms as careers happen in a click in the comforts of your own home. Online jobs have definitely been in the bandwagon, and needless to say that this list of top 5 online jobs in the Philippines offers quality-paying careers to numbers of Filipinos.

The Philippines is one of the countries to benchmark when it comes to hiring quality employees to work for their projects. As accessible as the online jobs in the Philippines are, employers do offer projects to Filipinos who are on a look for a job.

Here we will discuss the top 5 online jobs in the Philippines.

Article/ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writing Jobs

SEO’s purpose is to drive traffic to the website and increase hits. There are many ways in increasing search traffic and the most common is article writing. In the world of Internet, searching for subjects we need with the help of keywords or keyword phrases happen in just a single click.

SEO writers are hired to come up with articles where keyword/phrases are injected. As soon as users type in keywords in any search engines like Google, for example “top 5 online jobs in the Philippines” the articles written is expected to appear on the search engines’ first page.

Virtual Assistance (VA) Jobs

Virtual assistance is one among the top 5 online jobs in the Philippines. VAs are in-demand in the country providing clients administrative, secretarial and other related services. Being a VA, one must definitely be keen to details and are able to solve problems.

A VA’s job is fun yet challenging because clients will be highly dependable on you knowing that you are the one who has basically a heads up on almost everything about a certain project.

Design Jobs

There are numerous design jobs available in the net today knowing that creativity in marketing schemes have taken a big role in a success of a business. The most common design jobs available from the top 5 online jobs in the Philippines are web and graphic designing; blog and fan page layouts are also in demand from clients.

English Teaching Jobs

Being the standard language in commerce and industrial advancement, English happens to allow professionals to communicate effectively. Which is why foreign individuals who want to learn English are turning to online teaching, aside from it being accessible it is turning out to be efficient.

As long one is skilled in the English Language, it will already take in your advantage to take on the job and take one of the top 5 online jobs in the Philippines.

Typing Jobs                                 

Typing documents can make you money. A bachelor’s degree is not at all needed in this type of online job from the top 5 online jobs in the Philippines, yet one must need to have some typing skills.  Typing jobs like transcription does not guarantee a big salary but if you want some compliments in your current pay and spend more quality time with family then this job can pay-off.

This list of top 5 online jobs in the Philippines definitely gives you a break from all the hassle of everyday routine traditional jobs.  Online jobs in the Philippines sure have contributed to the country’s economy giving jobs to the Filipinos.