Group Exercise Fitness First Riyadh

Image taken from the Group Exercise held in Fitness First Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2013 Anniversary

Doing your regular exercise completes your day. However, there are also times when you feel bored doing your stuff in the gym.  That boredom may lead you to be less motivated and even quit exercising. So the best thing to do instead of doing exercise alone in the gym, get involve in group exercises where you can meet acquaintances and gain new friends. This will motivate you more and divert from your usual workout routine. Here are some group exercises that will do wonders and gives you the feeling like you belong after a few classes.

Cardio Kickboxing

If you want a total body agility experience, you must try Cardio Kickboxing. This offers a combination of dance, martial arts and body weight resistance. This is best for muscle toning and good blood circulation for the heart.


The majority of women enjoy yoga. This gives relaxation for the mind and body. This is best done after a long and tiring day from work. Yoga releases stress and tensions from your body. All you need to have is your comfortable clothes and yoga mat.


Pilates can be done in different ways. There is a mat-based Pilates class and the Pilates class using machines to sculpt your body as well as muscle toning. Pilates also challenges muscles, while it increases your body awareness and toning your muscles in a low-intensity workout.


This one has a combination of Latin and Afro-Caribbean beats keeping the party going for the whole hour. Normally, this dance craze is done with shaking your body to Latin rhythms while burning your calories and having a lot of fun.

Spin/ Cycle

One of the tremendously popular group exercises is the spin/cycle. This kind of exercise uses upbeat music while everybody in the room breaks up the monotony of just sitting on the bike.

Boot Camp

A great combination of light weights, calisthenics and an encouraging attitude are the best trademarks of boot camp classes. It needs a motivating and encouraging attitude because you will be pushed to work your whole body all the way through these challenging workouts. Any experienced exerciser will also find the boot camp exercise as tough thing to do.

Enrolling to the gym is not just merely an exercise. It is best if it is done with other people because it motivates you more. Look forward to challenges that you may encounter both mentally and physically in whatever group exercises you’re involved in. You may experience body sores and fatigue because of working out, but it’s really worth.