exercise routineA health and fitness program can be the most productive tool to make that big shift from the dangers of smoking. Breaking away from smoking for some can be difficult, hence, determination is the major key in the realization of the process. Stress can be a component of the majority of smokers around, yet exercise can also reduce thereby providing the benefits that a person requires.

Nicotine intake can cause an unhealthy loss in a person’s weight but with proper exercise, an individual can attain the appropriate body weight. A smoking cessation however, can add unwanted pounds to a smoker, thus an exercise can be helpful at this point.

Studies had revealed that the brain releases a chemical substance known as endorphins every time a person engages in exercise. This chemical is a better substitute for nicotine because it can generate a more positive effect on the total health condition of the body system. As long as you are determined to do so, the body will quickly respond to the situation.  You will feel an improvement the day you decide to cease smoking especially in breathing. This can progress as you challenge yourself in daily exercise routines.

An improved breathing can increase the energy and the physical condition of the body, because oxygen is responsible for proper blood circulation in a human body. This is the same energy used for the body to exercise, making it easier and giving results in a short span of time. The earlier you decide, the better.

Some people opt to have withdrawal programs in quitting the habit. Even those who use smokeless tobacco can do this.  For those who are decided, a good exercise routine can be adequate to beat the stress brought about by smoking. Even people who do not smoke loves to exercise to improve their health conditions.

What would be a better gift for yourself than to have a healthy mind and body. Adding another 10 years to your life can mean quality time spent with your family. Start now, and begin with a simple walking exercise for 30 minutes daily. If this is so much, break it to a two 15 minute walk,  and discover what it can bring to your health. Exercise is the key to help you get rid of smoking and eventually restore whatever smoking has taken away from your health.