food trends 2014Food trends can be compared to a fashion too. They come, then, they go. But of course, if you are on a healthy thingy, it never goes out of style, instead it keeps on improving for the better.

This year 2014, expect a lot of new recipes and food craze that will hit your appetite. They can be delicious, but be sure they can be good for your health too. Diet is important, but only when you get all the nutritional value in your food that it is beneficial.

The following foods are more exciting ad trending in 2014:

Creamy Mustard Chicken. This is a healthy recipe with ingredients such as thinly sliced chicken breasts, cooked quickly in velvet, smooth mustard sauce with chopped sage for garnishing. Sometimes cutlets are not available; instead a chicken breast can be convenient. You can pound the meat until it flattens to about half inch thick.

Veggistrone.  This type is a vegetable soup that is minestrone and can be kept frozen in freezer for a few days. Fix in single serve portions that can be easy for breakfast or lunch. For variations you can easily toss in leftovers like chicken, pasta or rice to make it more exciting.

Coconut-Carrot Morning Glory Muffins. Busy mornings can be done with these delicious and healthy muffins great for breakfast and snacks.

Creamsicle Breakfast Smoothie. This one tastes like the orange-vanilla popsicles but full of the nutritional value that includes carbohydrates, protein with the important electrolytes that you can find in coconut water. These nutrients are all in this smoothie.

Shrimp Fried Rice. This recipe is rich in carbohydrates and protein. Depending on the quantity you cook, this can be a good breakfast, lunch or dinner treat.

This year 2014 marks the time of healthy food and recipes for everyone. As much as possible, people do away with fats, too much meat and processed foods. It is already a public knowledge that today several diseases can come from unhealthy diets and food. Therefore, this is the year of good food and health; more greens, more health benefits.