Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 620For some time, I was fine with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.1. I never save to buy any king of Smartphone, either an iPhone or another Samsung Galaxy S4 at least. But then why not try to have a Windows Phone instead. Anyway, I’m a fanatic of Nokia mobile phone, so why not try a Nokia Lumia 620 for a start . Although, Nokia Smartphones’ popularity is  not that high, I believe I will like to have by first experience with it. Below are basic features you will experience using a Windows Phone.

With Windows 8 enabled interface, Windows Phone will definitely be a perfect hit for all users out there. It is perfect for business, office, meetings, and the like. What the Windows 8 computer does, this Windows Phone can also do.

With live tiles, the user can already know any updates and activities on screen all at the same time without opening it. The user can also resize it depending on its relevance.

Another cool thing on this stuff is that it could protect the files against the playful hands of kids. Applications will be manage by the owner so the kid won’t tap, open, or touch the personal stuffs. Now, the user can confidently hand it over to a child without any worries (except that this feature can’t protect the phone itself from falling when the kid trips over).

In case you lost this windows phone, there is definitely a way to look for it. Windows Phone is built in with a program Find my Phone, wherein the user will be provided with the phone’s location, and is able to lock it even at a far distance. This is a good anti-theft method, but it’s much better to just keep it carefully on a pocket.

Want to charge it without leaving it? Windows phone has an optional wireless charger which will let the phone charge without even connecting it directly to a power source. Perfect for mobile users while driving or moving around the house or anywhere.

Windows Phone also comes with a built-in wallet which will store data on the user’s credit card, bank cards, coupons, vouchers, and the like. So go shopping without carrying all those stuff-just use windows phone and it will be made in just a single tap.

Another great thing with this phone is that it lets you edit all Microsoft documents. It has a built-in or downloadable Microsoft Office application that lets the user to edit and save documents even without the use of laptop or pc. Very convenient right?

Windows phone is a great phone for everyone. It is convenient to use, innovative and stylish. It comes with different phone models but they have one thing in common: they all use the Windows System.