Facebook a look backFacebook has been a powerful tool for bloggers as well. It is one social media platform that allows you to promote your blog posts via your Timeline or Pages.

For those 100 million or so Facebook users, a video about your FB life went live last February 4, 2014 showcasing the first time you joined this community.  An automated tool was created that enable Facebook to highlight some of the pictures or activities of your FB world and produced a 62 second video with an instrumental background to add spice for the random pick.

If you are interested to see your own, just log in to your FB account and reminisce those awesome memories.

Commemorating Facebook

It was last Tuesday when a clip entitled “A Look Back” was posted on Facebook.  Actually, it was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this site, founded by no less than Mark Zuckerberg and his four other classmates on February 4, 2004. They were all students at the Harvard University by then.

Zuckerberg was having pizzas with his friends when he shared the excitement he felt before officially launching Facebook. He was just simply planning to create a community that will connect everybody at the University. He was also saying that one day; there should be something that can connect everybody around the world. And the rest was history.

Facebook in a single graphic

Facebook movie

This 62 second video was made available for everybody who has a Facebook account and available in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Italian, and Indonesian to name a few as announced by a representative from Facebook.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been with the community; you can still watch your own personalized video with the photos or a thank you card for that matter. In addition, this video can be shared in a period of a month only unless you do share this to your own Timeline. For privy members, you can watch this video on your Timeline privately if it is what you prefer.

Although Facebook had produced slideshows for personal use, this is the first time that a customized and personalized video was created. The last few months were critical for a small team at Facebook, initiating and shaping these videos. It seems like it us your own video blogFurther, if the video clip has some posts that you want to keep private, an “Edit Your Movie” feature is also available. Zuckerberg continues to amaze millions of Facebook people with new innovations.

A Breakthrough

And Facebook became phenomenal. Not only did it cater to Zuckerberg’s university community but it did penetrate the lives of now billions of people, from American college students and also for those who live in third world countries, from simple and ordinary farmers and even activists and leaders of the world.

That is how Facebook worked and influence all its users globally. It did served the purpose of connecting people all over the world, wherever you are. It was a great transformation on how people can communicate very fast and convenient without the added cost. Even long lost friends and relatives can now be located easily with Facebook around. People are still excited to know of future innovations from Zuckerberg himself.