Facebook account checkpointFacebook Checkpoint is a security feature on Facebook wherein users will be asked about any data in order to verify that they are the owner of their respective Facebook account. This will include login notifications wherein users are prompted to give a device name because the device being used is not recognized by their Facebook account. Another will be the security check wherein users are asked to provide their answer to the questions asked or just give the verification code being sent on their phone number.  Similarly, when using Facebook, they think some sites may be unsafe for them when you click a url from your news feed or group.

Despite the good intentions to create this additional feature on Facebook security, Facebook users find it annoying.  Some had reported being locked-out from their account and not able to access it because they forgot the answer to the verification questions. Others had changed their phone number therefore the verification code being sent to that number will not be accessed, making it a useless tool for anybody.

Facebook Checkpoint was created in order to maintain a strict confidentiality in terms of Facebook usage and preventing any unwanted persons from hacking or touching other person’s account.  However, this is also going to be a nuisance if ever the set-up information to pass the checkpoint has been forgotten by the user.

Facebook checkpointTherefore, in order to maximize the efficacy of Facebook Checkpoint, always remember all those pertinent information that has something to do with the security set-up. As much as possible, jot it down and put it in a safe place. Keep it as if it is a top-secret information that should be hidden in a secured area so that no one will be able to access it. Do not always rely on memory because it is the reason why users are being locked away from their accounts on Facebook.

When it comes to changing phone number, be sure to change also the phone number on Facebook. Keep it updated so that in case a security code is needed, it will be automatically sent on the active phone number.

Following these simple rules will maximize the efficacy of Facebook Checkpoint. Facebook users should always be responsible in keeping track of those information that they inputting in their Facebook accounts especially if it is for security reasons.