Having too many topics in mind to blog, sometime you can’t seem to publish them immediately. You are aiming to blog daily but it seems you can’t catch up with routines on a daily basis. Almost every day, new topics are conceptualized in your mind but you can’t get them immediately written. Here are three factors that hinders you to blog the topics in my mind.

Prioritize work that has immediate income. If your’re doing a number of internet based jobs like web design, transcription and writing jobs, you may end up getting things done that earns fast. So most often, you do your blogging when you have spare time.

Limited earning from blogging. Even if you get projects from your blog like article writing and creating links for advertisers , you still can’t do the blogging daily. Maybe because it is not a stable income opportunity.

Still thinking to go back working in an office setting. You’ve been blogging full time and have been trying to start up your full time work at home business – and there are too many online business that are in planning stage. But you are still thinking to work again in a company setting where you are assured of a monthly salary.

These are reasons that are not really acceptable. The more you delay your blogging, the more it gets filed up.