Undeniably, Cebu is one of the most famous provinces in the Philippines. Just its perfect location itself shows how this place is unique among the other provinces. The beaches, museums, hotels, monuments, landmarks, churches, resorts, natural sceneries, marine life and other structures offer different kind of experience that will make every kind of visitor come back again. Here’s a brief list to have a hint on what to expect and to be excited about in Cebu:

Magellan’s Cross

Located on the corner of Magallanes and Burgos street; It is a wooden cross carried by Ferdinand Magellan in April 14, 1521 which started and signified Christianity. Presently, the cross inside the kiosk is no longer authentic because of devastation happened some time ago. But some portion of the original cross is inside the present cross displayed. Apart from that, the entire ceiling shows the painting of how Magellan came, conquered and defeated in the epic battle with Lapu-Lapu, a brave native Filipino who resisted Spanish rule. People stop-by here to light a candle and pray.


Lolong (largest saltwater crocodile in the world) may not be seen here, but give it a shot to see the endangered species dwelling here. Also get a chance to meet Lapu-Lapu, neither the hero nor the fish, but the six-meter long saltwater crocodile. It has also mammals, birds, and other reptiles. So visitors won’t just go crazy over the crocos but also with the other animals; and if you want some more adventure, try the crocodile feeding. It is also a place perfect for educational tours.

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

Many old churches and museums that figuratively bring you back in the ancient period can be found in Cebu. But Basilica Minore del Santo Niño is the oldest in the country. It was built in 1565, damaged by fire in 1568 but rebuilt in 1602 and renovated in 1740. This was built through the inspiration of miraculous image of Señor Santo Niño. Beautiful oil paintings, woodworks, and religious images are all over the place. Lighting a candle amongst the hundreds of other ones is so overwhelming and shows Christianity at its best.

Taoist Temple

This Chinese structure serves as the memory of the famous Chinese Philosopher named Lao-tse. Just climbing on its 99/81 steps would give a one-of-a-kind adventure; it’s all worth it when the breezy and breathtaking top has reached. Several marriage proposals has already happened here as well which explains that this place is a romantic scene for couples. It is also a perfect place for reflection and contemplation or just for a simple solemn moment.

A quick short list is not enough to know everything about its places. It’s better to experience Cebu first hand. The locals of Cebu, festivals and other celebrations also make the place so unique and memorable. A day of tour in Cebu won’t be enough and will never be to those who visited here and made this place their home.