It’s the fantasy all business owners like to indulge in. You Google the service or product you offer – say photography classes – and there it is, the first result of thousands or even millions. Being near the top of the search engine results infers professionalism and reliability. People rarely spend hours sifting through pages and pages of search results to find what they want. The businesses that come up first will generally be their first points of inquiry.

So how can you get your business a better search engine ranking? You must find ways to get your business website’s appearance in search engine as high as possible. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can attain what you desire for your business. SEO really can take a leap to target your customers. Now, here are five basic SEO tips to get you started.

  1. Place your keywords in the title tag. The title of your web page will be displayed in the results. People will click on the result that grabs their attention. Choose a name that stands out from the crowd.
  2. Linking to multiple websites can boost your rankings. However, if the links direct people to spam websites, you can be penalised by the search engine. Try to link to well-regarded, high traffic websites.
  3. Check your meta descriptions to ensure no content is duplicated in your descriptions. Search engines can penalise your site by lowering it’s ranking if you have duplicate content
  4. Ensure the correct information is provided to the user by checking your Google Places listing. Potential customers will be frustrated by misinformation (incorrect phone numbers or address) They may just be frustrated enough to give up and move on to another business
  5. Social media interaction has a vital role to play in SEO.  Establishing a rapport with bloggers and webmasters and sharing your own and other people’s content increases your chances of voluntary good quality one way links, which are essential in lifting the rankings of your page.

Be certain to keep in mind these five basic SEO tips to help your business website on the top rank of search engines. To learn more about how you can use SEO to help build awareness of your brand, contact the team of experts that have the ability in optimising your website for search engines especially Google.

The team of SEO experts can make wonders on how to make your business website a success. Most often, they have extensive knowledge on how to market your business and are managed by professionals.