Getting people to recognize your brand online is just as important as targeting direct sales leads.

Maybe, even more so, because it is the brand recognition that gives you those leads to focus on. Most small businesses believe their brand is simply their logo, name and slogan, but it is so much more than that. Your brand is actually that “intangible experience” viewers get when they see online information about your company. It is the recognition of a reliable company that offers excellent services and products.

What is It, Really!

Basically, your brand is what you stand for, the promise you make, your commitment and your online personality; and that requires a little more work than a nicely designed logo. Your brand lives in the following online and offline action you make within your niche:

It is reflected in the images you use.

The messages, comments, questions and answers you give.

The way you interact with potential and existing customers.

Finally, it is the opinion customers have of you.

Building up your brand takes time, as its about building up a “living and breathing” online entity that reminds customers of who you are – and keeps them coming back time and time again – even when you aren’t running a contest, deal or sale.

The following are five strategies you can use to improve your online branding:

  1. Research your audience and targeted customers . Before you start any online task you need to know who you are targeting. Identify your audience using tools like Compete, Nielsen and ComScore.
  2. Understand your Audience . Learn of their interests and find out what they want to learn about, read about and hear. This will help you determine what message you need to expose. Most online reputation or brand builders use article marketing practices to offer interesting brand information and details. So when you create content, be sure to speak directly to them and not at them. Engage them in the information you want to offer. Just imagine yourself as having a friendly discussion over a cup of coffee.
  3. Post positive and interesting information that relates to your brand and your industry regularly. People want to know that a company is going to be around for a while, so when you post consistently, offer advice regularly or even frequently participate on social networks; you offer a consistent, responsible brand image.
  4. Build up your brand through various online channels. Use content networks, but you should also use video, social networks, forums and blogs, as these offer consistency. Use advertising that gets to your targeted audience by being site specific.
  5. Integrate social media. Build a page or profile but make sure you carefully analyze your brand, and what you want it to say. Decide on the types of interactions you want, and then analyze the different social media networks to find the one that best represents your business.


Building up your brand is similar to building up your online reputation. Offer great information that captivates a targeted audience, Offer positive customer reviews, interesting industry information that teaches your audience about your company and your products. Remember, the more prevalent your brand is with a positive image, the more it will enhance your organic search engine presence and your brand will always be present in the minds of your future customers.

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About the Contributor:
Hugh Yearsley is a freelance tech writer with extensive experience in the webhosting industry. His articles mainly appear on marketing blogs.