work internet jobsHow would you define writing? Undoubtedly, many writers have their own diverse definitions on it but, all of them held a common thought and that is, writing is a passion that burns inside a writers’ mind, heart and soul. Some writers are born to be writers, while some writers are made. Either way, all writers experienced things correspondingly. They read and write. These are the two principal routines of a writer and you can distinguish them according to their unique style on writing, compelling power on their readers and their point of view on the existing subject and their emotions.

Presently, in this new generation of high technology and with the existing power of the internet provides great access to the readers and approved voluminous opportunities to some amateurish and novice writers with potentials, aspiring to become a competent, eminent and well-off writers. If you are one of these aspiring Home-Based Writers Online, here are five tips to enjoy and love writing at home, and at the same time developing your writing skills:

1.) Basic materials needed and required must be supplied.

Before, writers are only in need of; ball pens, papers and a quiet place to write, now a days, the trend altered. And since we are talking about writing online, thus it is necessary to supply and prepare the materials needed online. What you need are the following; personal computer, sufficient internet connection, free time (if possible, 8-12 hours) and an English proficiency skills in writing and comprehension.

2.) You must love and enjoy reading.

I have already stated on the first paragraph that the two principal routines of a writer must be reading and writing. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge on a particular issue or subject what are you going to write on a blank paper or a blank screen? And if you don’t have hundreds of piled- up terms stored in your mind, you can’t express your ideas, emotions and point of view in a more organized and persuasive manner to your readers. While enjoying writing Home-Based Online, do not forget that you are not the only aspiring online writer and you need a massive number of sycophants reading what you are writing online.

2.) Create a piece of writing that you are knowledgeable with or write something you are interested in.

If you want to enjoy writing home-based online, then, it is logical for you to write something that you have a background with and a deeper comprehension on the selected topic, necessarily for you to be able to provide an in-depth discussion on what you are writing. If you don’t have any specialization on a particular issue let say; science, current issues, politics, education and religion, at least write something that you find interesting and at the same time, you think other people might also find your piece of writing interesting to read and helpful for them.

3.)  Keep it simple, but be sure to paint the appropriate picture.

One of my mentors in English taught us that simplicity must be observed when writing your piece, and just because we are talking about writing online doesn’t make any difference writing in a piece of paper. Not all of your readers can picture out what you are hoping them to see, so if you make things complicated and difficult for them, you can’t hold a grip of their attention, chances are, they will find other articles written by other writers in which they find easier to comprehend. And I think that no writers would desire to write a piece without a reader.

4.) Write because of your passion and not for money, fame or flattery.

What are the standards of being a writer? I have noticed that todays’ writers are writing online, because they want to earn or simply because of money, flattery or fame. And if this is your reason for writing home-based online, clearly speaking, the essence of you being a writer is gone and you would find it hard to write, because writing is not just about earning money, fame nor flattery. How would you inject emotions and convince your readers that you are a real writer if in the first place, you write for the sake of money, fame or flattery? Of course, a writer must also earn and be known, but this should not be prioritized. You must love what you are doing, not because you are earning a lot of money, fame or flattery, but because this is your passion and that is–to write. Believe me, it would be a whole lot easier for you to write creatively and you will enjoy writing from your heart.

5.) Keep your feet on the ground and keep the fire burning.

Writing Home-Based Online is more enjoyable if you aim high, in addition, be more of a patient writer rather than being a bigheaded but a vulnerable one. Online job is not easy, you will go through a lot of challenges and tests, but don’t let these things stop you. Instead, keep your feet on the ground, keep your eyes wide open (especially when facing your computer screen), ideas flowing and keep the fire burning, keep that passion in writing no matter how great or small your salary maybe.

About the Contributor: Sherra Jane Pamugas is an online content writer.