If you’re a foodie, you probably look forward to the beginning of each year because of one thing — food trends. New gastronomic offerings definitely bring new dimensions to the words “good eating”, and they could even spark new inspirations for you to start your own business.

Are you excited at the thought? If you are, here are the top four food trends of 2014 and the ways you can cash in on them:

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic! 

Thanks to celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Kourtney Kardashian and Giselle Bundchen, the world is now embracing the organic lifestyle. In fact, the “farm to fork” approach is one of the hottest trends in the restaurant industry today, with more dining destinations using fresh and naturally grown ingredients to make mouth-watering dishes.

organic food restaurantBusiness Tip: Learn more about organic food first so you’ll have a good idea about what it is and how it works. This way, you can easily plan a start-up that revolves around the concept and market it well to potential customers. Aside from starting an organic-themed restaurant, you can also open a juice bar, which caters to the popularity of the juice cleanse diet.

Always Ready for Tea! 

Wherever you go these days, you’ll see tea houses everywhere, each of them promising to give you the best tea experience in your life. While teas used to be popular only with the older generation, a younger market has begun embracing the trend, thanks to new concoctions like the bubble tea and the phenomenal milk tea.

teaBusiness Tip: Since there are already many tea houses all over the Philippines today, you need to come up with a unique concept to make your business venture stand out. For example, instead of sticking to the regular tea house design, you can add interesting details that show your business’ personality. Aside from serving unique tea concoctions, you can also offer bread or pastry to go with the drink. You can even serve meals that incorporate tea in your cooking, say tea-marinated beef or tea-smoked fish.

It’s So Good, It’s Yoghurt! 

The New Year is all about making those resolutions of eating in portions, cutting down fat consumption and, yes, eating yoghurt. But while yoghurt only used to be consumed as a dessert or snack, it will be incorporated in more savoury dishes this year.

frozen yogurtBusiness Tip: Whether you want to stick to the traditional frozen yoghurt offering or take the challenge of cooking with yoghurt, it’s best to do a market research first. Since many Filipinos are still not quite familiar with yoghurt, you have to build your business in areas where there is good consumer traffic so you can easily attract people and have them try your offering.

Break a Leg with the Egg!

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? The smell of fried eggs, bacon and toasted bread is definitely one of the best reasons to wake up. But this year, breakfast isn’t all about the mornings any more because many restaurants will already be offering “all-day breakfast” or “breakfast for dinner” dishes that will surely make you yearn for more. Moreover, the infusion of egg into popular recipes will make the concept more popular, especially with studies revealing that eggs are healthier than we could ever imagine.

eggs on your mealBusiness Tip: Since there are already more than a handful of breakfast-themed restaurants in the Philippines, you can come up with a concept that will separate your business from the competition. For example, you can reinvent classic breakfast favourites or use popular breakfast ingredients in full-course dishes.

Didn’t all these options make your mouth water? If you’re ready to start your food-inspired business venture, you can begin by looking for an office space for rent in Manila where you can start turning your ideas into reality. Just keep in mind that building a food business takes a lot of passion. There may not be a cookbook to tell you how to succeed in the food industry, but if you’re passionate about your business, it won’t be long until you find the perfect recipe for success.