Now that I’m in my early 30s, I recently have been thinking about my decisions – past and future. There were various plans that I know will affect the current status of my life.

Having been trying to make a living is the primary goal which is to have a better quality of life. One major factor affecting these decisions is my wanting to have a well-balanced work and leisure.

I’ve been trying to understand myself why I’m feeling the following:

Wanting for a career move AGAIN. I was a Food Technologist before and then now, I’m into medical related field, as a transcriptionist/claims processor. I’ve been thinking to start studying again and this time more about IT-related stuff in the field of web designing, or anything related to internet based jobs that I can do at home.

Financial stability, ability to provide more for my family. I had several attempts of starting my own business while working office based. I am longing to start a full time business and get away with hassles of working for other company.  The option of working at home as transcriptionist is eminent.

Wanting more kids or done? I might opt to have another kid. My only daughter seems like having a brother or sister. But, I am restrained.

Personal enjoyment and well being. I come to realize what I am becoming now. It seems too early in my early 30s that all I want is a more comfortable life for myself. It seems I’ve been selfish that I almost think now that I’m done being a father and a husband. I haven’t been able to become an excellent brother to my siblings and/or son to my parents. I’m hoping to stop now being self focused and be a provider for my family.

Keeping up with a positive attitude towards life. I’ve been chasing life per se. I want to keep motivated of what I like to do.