How come Google does not oblige to pre-screen or review ads showing on sites where their Adwords or Adsense is embedded.

Wouldn’t that Google must not allow ads that contains scam sites.

Are they intentionally accepting advertisers that are fraudulent or suspiciously scam?

I am aware that some websites or blogs monetize their pages by adding Google Adsense on it. So whenever I browse websites, I’m sure that when I see Google Adsense, they somehow earn when I click those ads appearing on their pages.

about com scam advertiserSometimes you’ll be surprised when you see on website’s header similar to this one I saw from saying “I make $250 Every Day!”. It grabbed my attention seeing a photo of an Arab lady – somehow made me think that the work at home job that this ads offer is targeting the ladies in the Middle East. Having been an advocate of internet based jobs and an expat working in Saudi Arabia, I immediately clicked the ads.

A separate website opened in the browser and it looks like a very well designed pages. When I tried to navigate the site, I was surprised that I was again taken to a separate website where I was asked to buy something first to get registered on the supposed work-at-home job.scam website work at home

Well, then I realized it was a scam advertisement. How come Google allowed this scam advertisers?

I even saw these kinds of scam ads from a legitimate Internet version of – a daily newspaper in the Philippines.

inquirer scam advertiserYes, Google is making cash from the Adwords where website owners become publishers via Google Adsense. But I have to say with as deliberately false as the they are being negligent in accepting scam advertisers detrimental to Google’s own brand and reputation. It seems money is all that matters to them.

In addition, you have to learn, that for every time someone clicks the ad link and Google earns more and more, someone else is in deep trouble of getting scammed.

I am a blogger and I remembered again the time I had a publisher account in Google Adsense. I was about to receive my first $100 pay from ads on my blogs. But suddenly,  I was notified that I violated their terms of service or policies that my earnings were forfeited.

How on earth that Google must first review my activity prior to issuing my notice of payment? How come Google allow scam advertisers?

I’m getting fed up with Google’s services. You don’t even have to talk to a real person whenever you file a complaint. Sadly, I am still using Google’s search engine. And I still use their Google PageRank and Analytics to determine my blog’s quality.

Sadly to say, Google still monopolize this industry.