new google mail inbox

Seeing your Gmail inbox flooded with many messages from different people about different matters can be very overwhelming that sometimes you just close your mail and don’t mind it at all.

Well here’s something new from our dear Google mail. You can now sort your incoming mails according to what you want. Google even automatically group your messages into designated folders. So now, worry no more for errors in your Gmail inbox.

Gmail’s new feature tries to speculate what kind of email it has received and compile it into 5 categories:

1. Primary – priority messages.

2. Social – notifications from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and other social sites.

3. Promotions – offers from e-commerce stores.

4. Updates – merchant updates, machine messages, order receipts, etc.

5. Forums – Email groups, mailing lists, and discussion boards.

Every time you receive a new mail, each tab will indicate how many new messages you’ve got. The number indicator on the left hand sidebar will tell you the number of unread mails you have in the primary tab.

Some of you might be thinking that it’s just nonsense. Quit it! This 5-bucket-system by Gmail just works incredibly fine.

This new feature is as simple as A,B,C but it works wonderfully well. Gmail is a user-friendly mail and with this another improvement will make is easier to use. Here’s what you’ve got to do:

1. Choose the tabs you feel like from all five to none.

2. Drag-and-drop to shift messages between tabs.

3. Set certain senders to always appear in a particular tab.

4. Star messages so that they also become visible in the Primary tab.

If the new mailbox isn’t your style, you just simply switch off all tabs and go back to the classic view, compact view, or cozy view.

This new feature is introduced to the Google mail users little by little since end of May 2013. The desktop, iOS, and Android versions will soon be available for you to try.