Google PageRank December 6 2013 ad dotcomFrom the time all of us learned that Google has not updated PageRank from the last one on February 4, 2013, we almost lost hope that there will be no more update for this year 2013.

A lot of webmasters are obviously fascinated with PageRank, but unfortunately earlier this year, there have been no updates yet which only means that these people are not comfortable on imploring its use as an SEO tool. Substantially, Google had continued updates in terms of algorithms and sites that are penalized.  However webmasters cannot determine if a particular site had been penalized in comparison from the past years.

Information about the next PageRank update is scarce, and the only news the situation worsened because a major pipeline has been damaged, hence there are no chances of the most awaited possible updates. Webmasters are hoping and waiting for their luck for a fresher development this year, but it is stated in various sites that it will not happen soon.

Google never fails to surprise webmasters, developers, SEO specialists. What happened this day December 6, 2013 is a Christmas gift  from Google to website owners and bloggers. After a long time – Google PageRank Update takes place today December 6, 2013. Prior to this, there were regular updates like every three months supposedly. Everyone expected that the great surprise must come this December, when Google released an update on PageRank. No one sees this will happen today, and even Matt Cutts is surprised by the said development. He was quoted previously as saying that there won’t be any updates before this year ends and hoping there will be some in the future. Yet, December is a lucky month for the webmasters and the blog owners, because the most anticipated update has happened in the least time nobody’s expecting. That must be a gift of Google to the billion  users all over the world.

Well, especially for me that I have been trying to get approval from Google Adsense. I almost get stressed out. Now, I can say that I have been relieved from Google’s very strict rules. My blog gets 1 PageRank higher and I feel ecstatic. I can’t wait taking a look for the update of my other blogs.

Previous Information on Google PageRank Toolbar used on Browsers 

Only a number of users had been patronizing this toolbar in the Internet Explorer which results in only a handful who can actually see the data. Further, there are many SEO tools that uses and also display the PageRank details for possible sites and eventually utilize it as a useful tool in determining probable link standards. Clearly,  there is an alarming decrease in the support for PageRank. Yet, Google never tried to offer a certain toolbar for Chrome or any other features that and display PageRank values.

In 2011, Google had dropped the toolbar for Firefox, and Explorer was the last browser to have to enjoy the PageRank but unfortunately, there were no updated data for the past six months or so. Google had not replied in any inquiries about the upcoming updates if any. There had even speculations that Google is already planning to eliminate and give up PageRank soon.