Chitika October 2013After receiving my first Revenue Share for October 2013 from Chitika, I decided to get serious running the ad campaigns in my blogs. There were times that I neglected putting the ad codes, thinking that it would not generate enough income, but I was wrong.

The revenue is in fact not a very huge amount, but I am happy about getting a notification from my PayPal.

The best thing knowing now about Chitika is the company truly pays the work done by their publishers. Not like any other advertiser that for some time, they will just deactivate your account because of whatsoever reasons.

The revenue I accumulated from Chitika was a from a very long period of time, but it was because of my inconsistency adding their banner ads in my blogs.

Now I will be more serious running the ads campaigns of Chitika. I encourage you to signup now to experience earning from Chitika.

Chitika possesses features to attract visitors in joining the company’s websites. These features were responsible in promoting this search-targeted advertising company into a leader in its own right.

The company is presently involved with Yahoo not only due to Yahoo’s stoppage of Yahoo/AdSense Network and its withdrawal from all other networks it was connected with before, but because of these distinguishing features.

Attractive Features of Chitika

First, the subject of their agreement includes off-network search syndication.  This is explained by the fact that the materials sent to the company are carefully examined, sorted and  maintained by the publishing company and charged with corresponding rates.  This is the source  of revenue for all parties involved – the website, the publishing company and the contributors.

Second, is the monetization of of Yahoo-owned and operated properties.  The company  uses the company for its operation and in return, it struggles hard to boast the company, use these for a more revenue-generating purpose, which could be more appealing and satisfactory for the public to patronize.  Transactions are done more accurately for the satisfaction of the clients, writers or contacts.

Third, mobile ad serving and monetization is expertly handled with the practice of proper advertising techniques by Chitika to gain the patronage  of the supporters and contributors.  This is the monetization method performed by the company for the website, the clients who advertise and their company. In other words, mutual target, from individual labor.

Furthermore, even before Chitika was a partner to Yahoo, its founders has obtained high-esteem for technology the world over.  In 2007, it was already known in the promotion of ancillary products.  In 2008, it was one of the top-growing companies in the northeast and recognized by Red Herring as a leading technology companies in North America.  In 2010, it ranked as a Finalist for Best Mobile Advertising Network Innovation; in 2011 Chitika CEO Venkat Kolluri was awarded “Crystal Award” as a charter member  for building and growing a company from the ground without external funding.

But the best feature which attracts most of the users, is the recommendation the company received from Yahoo for publishers to migrate to Chitika for their advertisements, as a replacement.  The migration served as  an excellent asset for operation.