OnionsGenerally, there are several types of onions and different countries grow their own special onions. Some of these include the summer, storage as well as the spring onions. Others have the sweeter taste, but others have the more pungent taste. Onions are actually popularly called by their colors, white, red and yellow. Smaller varieties are the green onion, pearl and the scallion.

Onions are often used as a spice in various recipes and it adds to the flavor of a dish. However, they are also prevalent because of the health benefits that they provide. They are known to be used as a treatment for various physical conditions such as tumors, coughs and simple colds. Medical people believe that this can be home remedy for relief of various symptoms of sickness. Onions are also a good source of prevention in terms of breast and stomach cancer.

The sulfur compounds in this plant refrain the formation of biochemical chain that may lead to asthma. In severe coughs, they tend to melt the phlegm and facilitates early recovery. The juice is also very useful especially for those unconscious patients since it brings back the strength and stamina back to the particular person.

Do you know that it can also prevent tooth decays and other oral infections? Rawn onions chewed for a few minutes can destroy the germs and other microorganisms inside the mouth. In addition, it can also be beneficial for those people with heart ailments. It helps red blood cells from mass forming which can be the cause of cardiovascular diseases.

Onions are also considered a form of insect repellant. You can just simply apply its juice to the skin and it can also be used as a treatment for insect bites such as scorpion stings and bee bites. It can also be used as a treatment for acne and pimples by mixing a portion of its juice with honey and olive oil, and directly apply to the face.

Onions can also work as a cure to severe earache by dripping a few drops of the juice to the ears. It will definitely improve the condition and remove the ringing sound that you may be experiencing.