Singapore travelAmong the top Asian destinations for Filipinos during holidays and vacation is Singapore. Being known as the cleanest country, Singapore too is proud of its tourist’s spots, amusements and shopping centers. There is no doubt why almost all Filipinos love to spend their holidays and vacations in Singapore. So if you plan to visit this country even for a short period of time, here are some recommended tips when travelling.

Start with a small luggage, in which you can put all your stuff such as clothes, shoes, toiletries, gadgets, medicines and your documents. Secure also a sling bag in which you can bring along with you during your everyday exploration where you can put all the important stuff like your wallet, camera, cellular phones, Ipad/tablet and other important stuff.

Here are some of the few reminders on what you should bring when visiting Singapore.

Clothes and Shoes

Just like the weather in the Philippines, Singapore is also hot and humid all throughout the year. Cotton and light-colored shirts and shorts are recommended for your everyday tour around the city. Couple it with your comfortable shoes. Sneakers, moccasins, slip-ons, and loafers give comfort and can sustain long walks during the day. And oh, don’t forget also some dresses, lightweight pants and blouses too. Some places in Singapore require dress coding and observe casual or decent clothing such as in temples.

Weather Protection and Rain Gear

It is a must to bring along with you an umbrella or any rain gear. The weather there changes unexpectedly. Keep this stuff always as you don’t want to postpone your adventure even if it is raining. Sunblock too is very important. Protect your skin while roaming around the city. A cap or hat will add fashion and give protection too.

Toiletries and Medicines

Though in most hotels, they almost have the necessary toiletries that you need in your stay. However, it is still good to pack your own toiletries for back up purposes. The same goes with the medicines. Just bring the usual medicines that you take for headache, colds, fever and stomach ache.

Gadgets and Cameras

Of course, vacation would not be complete without your camera. A mini DSLR or any digital camera will do. You don’t need to carry big DSLR with you every day, unless photography is your main purpose in going there. Always bring with you your cellphones and chargers with universal adaptors.

Documents and Money

Among others, your documents such as passports, plane tickets, valid IDs are the most important. Carry it with you wherever you go. And don’t forget to have them photocopied. Chances are that you may lose the original ones, well; you still have the copies of everything. Have your money converted to their currency before going there.

Maps and Guidebook

You don’t need this if you’re travelling in a group with a tour guide. But these things are essential if you travel alone or even in a group but all are first-timers to visit Singapore. This would be of big help.

And last reminder; always have extras with you when you start your adventure. In your sling bag, you can carry with you extra shirt, sarong and slippers or slip-ons. For emergency cases, you can still change and look fabulous even if your hotel is a hundred kilometers away.