Dental braces are one of many orthodontic treatment procedures. We use braces to help us align our teeth and reduce their pressure on the jaw. Orthodontists always choose to use dental braces when their patients have crooked tooth or misalignment.

We need to take care of our oral hygiene, but people who use braces need to take extra care. Braces can create tiny spaces for food to hide in and this can cause plaque and even tooth decay. Because of this, proper dental care is needed in order to avoid these problems. We prepared a small list of things you should and shouldn’t do if you use dental braces thus taking care of your teeth.

What You Should Not Do

1. Eat chips, popcorn and hard candies. Avoid and crunchy food whenever possible.

2. Eat caramel or gum. Stay away from any sticky food.

3. Hard food like meat off the bone, apples, corn on the cob and carrots should be avoided. If you really love these foods, cut them in smaller pieces and chew carefully!

4. Never try to repair your dental braces, leave this to your orthodontist!

5. Sugary beverages will cause decalcification and stain your teeth and should be avoided.

What You Should Do

1. Stop biting your fingernails and stop chewing your pencil – these bad habits can damage your dental braces!

2. Use floss regularly. Yes, it’s difficult to floss with all those wires and brackets around, but this is absolutely necessary.

3. Brush your teeth after every little snack you take. Take good care while cleaning your teeth and be theral.

4. Chew carefully and cut larger, harder food into smaller pieces.

5. Apply dental wax. Your orthodontist should provide you one, so use it to protect your lips and cheeks from any damage.

6. Go to every appointment. If you miss one, this can influence your time with dental braces, so think twice when you’re considering skipping an appointment for some reason.

If you can follow these few rules and tips, you will reduce a risk of having any issues with your braces. Once you have a good daily routine and care for your teeth and braces properly, you will avoid pain, cavities, soreness and other related problems. We know how much time some of these tasks can take and that they can be a hassle sometimes, but you are the only one who benefits from a proper dental care. Besides, you may reduce your time with braces if you follow every instruction your orthodontic specialist gives you.

Nowadays, dental braces won’t create as much discomfort as they used to. Children and adults who have to wear braces don’t experience a lot of pain and they do not have to wear braces for a long time. Considering that there are a lot more aesthetic options available for the patients, it’s much easier to decide for dental braces and care for them properly. This insures that the patient will have as little discomfort as possible while making the most out of an orthodontic treatment.

Contributor: Nancy Lu is a health enthusiast and blogger who writes for Struble Orthodontics practice.