The social media nowadays is a powerful tool to communicate each other worldwide. While many of us use this as a way to connect with our families and friends from distant places, some use this as a way to help others.

Using Linkedin is another way to connect with our friends in the workforce. It’s a professional network that links employees and employers. If you happen to be included in a group on Linkedin, you will get positive professional advice at times.

Linking with fellow bloggers is what I have been doing lately. Since I’ve been officially blogging since 2010, I always look forward to get comments and feedbacks from like-minded individuals. At one point, us bloggers exchange links in order to get blog reviews from each other.

I had a chance to get a blog review from one esteemed blogger from Linkedin and he commented to a blog I submitted that my site – The Food Techie has so much potential and the blogger would love to see it blossom. Indeed my food blog is barely less than a year and I’m happy it reached PageRank 1 already. The blog review is created in such a way that is very positive even if it gave more points for improvement. I feel the need to create a single post about it. This is the best way on how to give a blog review to your fellow bloggers.

A Website Review Like No Other

I admire your extensive collaboration with other food sites & bloggers. It speaks highly of you, and will benefit you reciprocally.

The articles you write yourself are approachable, short and sweet. I was pleased to see how clearly you had divided these articles into broad categories, and the archives were readily available as well. If I could have changed one thing about article presentation, it would involve the inclusion of just a little more content with each title/image link to the post. Entice us with prose! Your use of images is already exactly where it should be. Not too many, not too few.

The image carousel at the top of your homepage is nice too, but in this case I was surprised that the images weren’t links at all. Neither did they offer any data as to what was being displayed. I love the aesthetic, but feel you could make it more interactive.

Your layout is nice, too: very bright and unthreatening. I felt as though it came across a little cluttered, though. What if you were to use a layout with a little more horizontal space usage? Those wide left and right hand margins aren’t doing anything for you. You might even be able to fit in more content, or larger images, by doing this.

Great work on a neat site. Lots of room to grow. All the best as you continue to develop and improve your very pleasant contribution to the food web!

With this blog review I got from Dan Parrington, I hope to edit my blog theme as soon as possible. First thing to do is to have the images linked to the blog post, and the rest will follow.

Dan Parrington is the author of Dan Writes a Blog and he is very active in Linkedin giving constructive blog reviews to various websites on his discussion thread. His manner of feedback and comments sets standards on how to give esteemed blog review.