Our computers have slowly become our lifelines. We save extremely important data and information in our computers, and we can’t afford to lose any of it. However, the power surges, spikes and saps often end up damaging internal hardware components of our computers and lead to the loss of our data. Power surges have become very common and can be caused a number of things. Overloading of the main power line, badly done wiring as well lightning may cause power surges. If the power surge is particularly bad, it can permanently damage your computer system and render it useless. Power surges do not damage just the CPU. All other components can be destroyed, such as expensive printers, scanners, web cams and other such computer accessories. There are other power problems that may damage your computer. Power cuts as well as voltage fluctuations may wreak havoc.
All these problems, however, are not unsolvable. All one really needs is a power backup system.  There are a number of such devices are available in the market, a lot of variety can be found. Some of them are very simple and only protect, while the others come with a number of other novel features. All of these devices can be similarly installed. It is good idea to buy a power surge protector that comes with a battery backup. With such a device, one has to let the battery charge for a few hours before you can plug your computer to it and use it. In any case, it is a helpful device since it provides power backup whenever there is complete power cut. They may be expensive, but they will give ample time to save all your important work and shut down your computer in the proper way. Buying such a device is, therefore, a very smart investment.

Before you use any of these devices, it is very important to read the manual. The instruction manual is a very essential document, and it is a good idea to read it before you try to install and use the device. Some of these devices can be controlled by certain kinds of software; you may need to download some software for that. After all that is done, you need to unplug the computer and the other hardware before you set your power protector. The power protector needs to be plugged into a well-grounded electronic outlet. After the power protector is plugged in, all the rest of the hardware can be hooked again, after which the power protector can be switched on. Once you see that the power protector is running, you can switch the computer on.

Power protectors are extremely useful devices that can save you a lot of trouble. They are expensive, no doubt. However, the money on such a device is money well spent. They protect your precious data and last long as well. All in all, buying a power surge protector is a solid investment.

About the Contributor:
Tom Armenante, who works for the UPS battery supplier Borri, provided this article. When he isn’t working for Borri, he likes to spread the word on how UPS systems can help you.