audio transcription foot pedalTo meet one’s quota or deadline, quantity should really be put into consideration. In fact, it’s the first thing that comes to our mind. Sometimes we set to finish a number of transcripts at a given time. We tend to think ‘I should finish all of these’. However, quality should not be compromised. It may be our goal to come up with a good number of work output, but at the other end of the line, as far as the customers are concerned, it is always the quality that matters. That’s what they would pay us for.

Quality should always take precedence over quantity. Audio transcriptionists serve as a vital link in many business processes. As business transcriptionists, for example, we make sure that important policy announcements in board meetings are properly documented. Legal transcriptionists, on the other hand, ensure that crucial depositions are accurately recorded and documented.

And just as important as knowing the above fact is the need to ensure that the recorded audio meetings’ or depositions’ original meaning and context are preserved and properly conveyed in our transcriptions. We should always remember that as transcriptionists, we should make sure that what we do is as accurate as possible to the recorded audio file and it does make sense. After all, what purpose will a very long transcription, for example, serve a client if it doesn’t even reflect the true meaning of a recorded conversation?

Just as in any craft, quality should always be the primary concern but this is not to say that speed must be totally sacrificed, however. A good transcriptionist, one that is adept at his or her job, should know how to balance accuracy and speed. A good transcription is precise and punctual. Like any other job, the deadline must be met otherwise the transcription would be useless. As a transcriptionist, one always keep in mind one fact; that is, transcriptionists are only as good as their last submitted transcription.

In the long run, you would determine whether you could still go on and come up with a certain quantity of work. How could you expect to receive more projects if your previous works weren’t properly transcribed? Besides, the project was entrusted to you. It is thus your responsibility to deliver what was expected from you. Keeping this in mind, you can expect to receive more jobs from a certain customer. That would be quantity in wider aspect of the word. It pays to value the quality of the end product.

Of course, we might and most of the time, try to keep both. However, quality should always be the priority. As we progress with the work, our speed will eventually improve. The result, better productivity. Generally speaking, this applies to all lines of work.