android tabletEarlier if asked one would have said that they are using their android tablets for personal use like gaming, watching videos, talking with friends and so on but today tablets are slowly and steadily creeping into the business world. It is portable, cheap as compared to laptops and personal computers, compact with good battery device. So, “how would you use your Android tablet for business purpose?” can be the next thought coming to your mind and this post will answer all your queries.

Make your Tablet your Portable Work Machine

To make tablets (which are no doubt aesthetically more appealing than any other work machine) your work machine when you are on the go you have to sync your home/work machine with the tablet; Emails, files, presentations everything you need to get the access of everything while you are travelling. For this you have to configure your synch options from Setting->Account->Sync and sync all your Gmail emails, contacts, calendar with Windows Outlook or other accounts.

Tablet as Media Consumption Device

Most people use tablet as a media consumption device and if your work is related to it then you have got a genie in your hands in form of your tablet. And if your work is not nearly related to media even then you can utilize it to release your office stress and engage yourself in the activity you enjoy most in your spare time. Like you can watch movies via Netflix, read books (use GReader, Kindle), listen to online radio and you can also read the newspaper (Pulse news, CNN news) every morning sipping your coffee in your bed.

Networking and Communication Device

When you are travelling it is very convenient that you carry your tablet along and as I mentioned earlier after synching your Emails and other accounts you can very well get connected with your clients and team online through voice/video/text chats. Several apps like Skype are there which you can take benefits from. All you would need a Wi-Fi connection.

Document Management

When it comes to document management the first thing we think about is some app which behaves like MS office. So download an office app to your tablet to manage all your documents. Most of the Android tablets come with inbuilt document viewers but for more options you can always download some good free or paid office apps from Google store. No more paper work will be required and all your documents will be managed with lot of ease. Evernote is a good app to keep your notes synced across your tablet, desktop and phone.

Data management – Access, Storage and backup

Cloud technology is taking revolutionary steps in business world. Now when files and other data are stored over the cloud then accessing, sharing and updating the data is not difficult. Take an example; you are going to give a presentation to some client at some distant location in person. You are in client office and suddenly your boss asked you to add some last minute changes which are important but asked to skip earlier. Those are on your desktop but when you have everything synched on your tablet then you can easily access those quickly and easily even from a distant location. Apart from local backups cloud backup will always reduce the chances of data loss. DropBox and Google drive are great help in using cloud technology.

Currently we are in transition phase where tablets are taking charge from personal to professional use. So there are some areas of improvement needed like security issues in case of online data sharing via Wi-Fi networks. When it comes to tablets I believe more Business software are required. Initially synching all the devices with tablets needs technical expertise and is time consuming. But as I said it is a transitioning phase and every transition is difficult but once it is over the result always benefits the generations.

About the Contributor:  Frank Smith is a technology columnist and has been overwhelmed how the tablet PC changed overtime. He also works in a leading blog site where he writes about android tablets.