audio-transcripionistBasically, when we speak fast, the momentum of critical thinking is present and we do not want to miss a single word when explaining something. But then, after things has been spoken when we come to realize that we should have it recorded or transcribed especially when the most awaited scene has come that somebody wants us to repeat what we have just said.

This rationale usually happens to busy people who need somebody to do it for them. However, it is not just an easy task to just hire an audio transcriptionist to type the recording. Though there are lots of audio transcription companies for hire, there are some of the few things to consider when setting out to outsource the transcription of an audio or video recording.

Primarily, accuracy is the most essential thing to consider especially if it is intended to easily understand by clients or to be presented in a group. In this aspect, high level of accuracy is needed. However, if the transcript is to be used for personal purposes only, then high level of accuracy is not of highly importance after all. Take note that the rates of accuracy varies. It should be expected that the higher the accuracy level, more proofing time is needed and cost more as compared to less accuracy level.

Transcription style is another vital thing to be considered. These styles can be verbatim and the other one is clean read. The difference between the two is that, verbatim comprises typing out every word and sound on the recording. It also includes non-verbal communications such as laughter and pauses. While the clean read style is not as complex as verbatim. It encompasses typing every word but with the elimination of extraneous or irrelevant contents just like the fillers and side conversations.

Aside from accuracy and style, technical terminologies also play a big role in audio transcription. The inclusion of technical terminologies is optional. Your audio transcriptionist may not be familiar with the terms to be used for the topic. The option here is whether you may want your transcriptionist to do the research for these terms or you may want it to fill in this area yourself. It should be considered that this research thing will add sizeable amount to transcription.

Heavy accents also go with all these measures.  Audio transcriptionist may come from different countries. It is expected that not all of them are familiar with certain accent of a country unless they do have a trained ear to know all and likewise familiar.

Transcription cannot be totally completed without the full editing. This may include checking of sentence construction, grammar, correct usage of words, punctuations, slangs and many others. There are transcription companies that offer such editing in their service. This will give you guarantee and feeling of confidence that they are really proofreading the documents before sending them.