Have you tried smoking at least once in your life time? This is a question that obviously most of us can answer easily. Many of us are being exposed into some kind of curiosity in trying to smoke. This happens especially on our teenage years. It is very common that at school, we try to smoke to be included in a group of smokers. Peer pressure is the main factor that we tried to smoke.

After some time, you may then start to think if smoking is really for you. The realization is part of experiencing what smoking can do to you. Persons who continue smoking becomes addicted to it because of nicotine. On the other hand, if you stop smoking, you are more likely concerned on the health and fitness benefits when you stop smoking. Some says that there is no point in their “smoking years” that they crave to smoke. That’s why they stop smoking. This shows only that this person only smokes because of social reasons.

Now that you can decide for  yourself, you can start thinking and deciding if smoking is really for you.  You may wonder what’s really nicotine is doing to a lot of people who are still smoking in spite of government’s warning on health risk of smoking. In some cases, the addiction to smoking is partly due to some psychological problems. Maybe, nicotine is too weak for some people to be addicted.

If you stop smoking, definitely it’s not for you.