What makes a fast transcriptionist?  You could start by making sure you work in a quiet environment with as little distractions as possible. Then you can set up your work station in the most ergonomic way likely so you could work comfortably.  However, being equipped with the proper tricks and tools of the trade can help you increase typing speed consequently becoming a fast transcriptionist.

Make sure that you have a personal computer preferably with a back-up, which is in good condition.  A good pair of headsets or earphones can help clarify the quality of the audio that could otherwise slow you down.  To ensure you will be a fast transcriptionist, use a food pedal that would boost your speed.  Of course, it goes without saying that you should have a reliable internet service provider to get you on your way.

Having all these hardware and peripherals checked off on your list of must-haves, let’s move on to the software programs must have.  The software programs essential to become a fast transcriptionist of course are a Word processor, an audio playback system, and an internet browser.  Dictionaries or other reference material software programs would also come in handy.  However, all these do not necessarily increase your speed, but are must-haves for you to do your transcription work well.

So what will further make you a better fast transcriptionist?  Of course, touch typing is definitely a must.  Having mastered that, exploring the features of your Word processor can also help accelerate your speed.  Features like autocorrect and shortcut keys where you rely less on your mouse are something to take advantage of.  A word/text expander software program is another option that you could consider having.  Furthermore, tinkering with the features of your audio playback software to help enhance audio quality, being familiar with and maximizing its features is another plus.  For those advanced individuals, you could have macros programmed to perform repetitive tasks.

Now with respect to the transcription process itself, it might help to give a quick listen to the audio before typing just to get a feel for it.  A fast transcriptionist keeps on typing without looking back. Try to resist the urge to edit your work while doing your first pass.  If something escapes you, move on until the end of the audio.  Then make your second pass where you edit your work for anything you missed like unclear, inaudible, unfamiliar words and do your research as well as to verify words and correct any misspelled words.  If you have time, do a third pass.

Hopefully with these tips you could be well on your way to becoming not just a fast transcriptionist, but more importantly a quality transcriptionist.  These qualities of transcriptionists are the main foundation of Smart Docs. Here you will find typists who are with good comprehension skills, with keen eye to details, with knowledge of English grammar as well as punctuation and usage, with a strong work ethic, with good organizational skills, with discipline, reliability and commitment to confidentiality.  The amalgamation of all these will hopefully lead to the delivery of quality transcripts as well as being a fast transcriptionist.  Speed is not everything to become a fast transcriptionist.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net