HP Envy Sleekbook 6zTalking about thin and light laptops, obviously the “ultrabooks” would really come first to one’s thinking especially those people who have great knowledge of computers and laptops. Ultrabooks, as being described and pertains to a definite kind of thin-yet-powerful notebooks, following an incredibly detailed set of technical guidelines coming from Intel with regards to its components, physical dimensions, battery life and its startup and system resume  times. However, not only ultrabooks acquire those characteristics. HP has launched its own production of thin-yet-powerful innovation which is the HP Sleekbooks which has comparable features with ultrabooks.

Also known as the Sleekbook 6z-1000, HP Envy Sleekbook 6z is a skinny and light notebook. Its height is about two-thirds and weighs just like a normal 15.6-inch HP laptop. One unique feature of this one is its aluminum exterior that makes it look classy that goes together with its red soft-touch paint finish located at the bottom. The position of the speaker grill, thinly made just below the lid is just right.

HP Envy Sleekbook has just the same screen as the typical 15.6 inch screens with a 1366×768 resolution. Its speakers are located above the keyboard. They are just small but having been placed rightly because it projects sound upwards towards the user. This one makes it better compared to most ultrabooks where speakers are being situated beneath the palm.

This sleekbook has three USB ports such as HDMI, media card reader and Ethernet. Because of its thinness, all the ports are located on either left or right side of the notebook. This unit also comes a good backlit keyboard for easy usage and also can be done as a touchpad.

Furthermore, this HP Envy Sleekbook exhibits impressive battery life. It can be used for almost eight hours of doing your stuff.

Hp Envy Sleekbook may be mistaken as an ultrabook, but definitely this is not one.