elementary school teacherIn this generation of cyberspace, there are many opportunities available for teachers. Since education is evolving and transcending into different mediums  trends are developed in order to cater to all kinds of educational needs. Educators jobs  nowadays are not solely  limited to the classroom setting with the unlimited  access  of the Internet, they are able to find amazing employment opportunities that they can perform with only the use of a high speed computer. I , as a teacher myself was surprised to discover endless job opportunities that are available with just the use of Internet search engine.

Here are some online education related jobs that will surely appeal to the those educators from the English language expert to the academic syllabus conceptualists without the usual stress. This is also applicable for teachers who constantly looking jobs in various freelancing websites who just want to earn extra income on a part time basis.

Online English as a Second Language Instructor/ Teacher.

Filipinos are in demand when it comes teaching the English language to foreigners especially those who are Asian. Companies who post this type of job usually requires the applicant to have obtained a college degree , someone who has a grasp of the basic English grammar.  He or she must also have high speed Internet available on their computer since all lessons and  transactions with the client will be via Skype. Since the lesson proper is usually on a one to one basis, it is also more convenient to have a webcam.

Another online job opportunity is becoming an  English as a second language writer

Since many Asians foreigners are finding great benefits in learning the English language the demands for appropriate and suitable learning materials are increasing. There companies in the Philippines that help cater and create ESL syllabi to tailor fit the client’s need and difficulty level. Having an idea of correct English grammar and composition, a keen attention  to detail is a must since it is required that the applicant to be able to write numerous ESL materials from evaluation of grammar use to testing the client’s comprehension skills.

With these expanding job opportunities for educators, it gives evidence of the ever adapting educational system. Now technology is able to open more doors to educators.

About the Contributor:  This is an article submitted by Jasmine Ricarte for her job application at adD TransWrite.