Many years ago, countries conquer one another by force. But for South Korea, all it takes are a bit of fashion, music, and charm to take away the hearts of new generation. However, if you think you are already fascinated with your Korean pop idols, better watch the videos of the Park sisters on YouTube as they gone viral.

Yerin Park’s most viral video was, to best describe, when she was sleeping silently and waking up all of a sudden, moving her hear from one side to the other, and wearing the smile that ultimately made it famous. The video was even featured to news channels in USA and in Southeast Asia, which makes it more viral. The video has more than 9 million views now and counting. Yerin also received an award from officials of YouTube on YouTube Best UGC Awards 2011 for her remarkable popularity on the website along with other K-pop groups that received awards as well.

Born in September 2010, Yerin Park is three years old now and many people have monitored how she grows up. Her online accounts that her dad made exclusively for all of her activities are continuously gaining subscribers and followers so much more with the arrival of Yeseo, her newly born sister. Yeseo also shows the same enthusiasm just like her sister did that makes their viewers hit that ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’ buttons. They have accounts on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter which are undoubtedly very active and present so much support from all the fans all over the world.

Yerin Park Youtube (2)People can’t get enough of the team-up of these adorable sisters. All it takes is their spontaneity and a flash of smile and everything they do is worth a blissful day to people who watch them.

Yerin Park Youtube (3)It is odd to imagine how a complete stranger can make your day. Many people would do everything, with all their talents they can do to be famous on the internet. But sometimes, being natural is enough to make people notice you and gain endless attention. Yerin Park and Yeseo are very young and still have so much things to do that will definitely excite and fascinate more people. Nevertheless, another viral video might come up again.