medical doctorHere’s one essay by a medical doctor who wants to work as a medical transcriptionists even without adequate work experience.  Do you think a medical doctor can start to work as medical transcriptionist? 

Working as a medical transcriptionist without adequate experience is something I can consider as a challenge.  I had already tried transcribing a medical audio file as part of an exam during one of my inquiries in a transcription school where they offer a one month medical transcription course; in order to avail it I have to pass the practical exam.  I find it easy because I graduated in a medical school.  Complete history and physical exam were part of our daily routine. Writing and typing it after interviewing the patient was also our job.  Though the accent was a bit hard to comprehend, I still managed to decipher on the right term.  Words were mostly familiar.  Listening to mind twisting lectures keeps my head in full function, we need to understand exact details not only memorization.  The lecturers were not all good speakers and they seemed to test our endurance.

If  I can withstand these things and survive the long hours of reading medical books, what more a typing assignment as part of the challenge.  I love to think that I have the skills when it comes to typing.  Compared to hardships of being on duty in a hospital, I think transcribing is way tolerable, and I will not be deprived of sleep, which we were longing to have during those days.  Everyday was not an ordinary situation, it was risky and probably a highest example of courage , and  it touched every single of us to the core.

This is also one way of improving self-productivity, the fact that I stay home being a full time mother to a son.  One reason for not giving up a potential career as a medical doctor is that I wanted to become a work at home mother giving much attention to my family.  Anyway, I know I can be still part of giving a significant role in patient’s healthcare by being a medical transcriptionist.

I wanted to pursue on with the job as medical transcriptionist because I think I have the potential even without vast knowledge about general transcription.  I admit medical audio files are easier on my part but it can be learned if I start experiencing it.  I have a strong feeling of loving it, especially that I can work from the comfort of my own home.  In time I know everything would come easy through learning, good practice, and patience.  The most important predictor to success is determination.  Every job or obstacle that I have to overcome or accomplish clearly shows my perseverance and dedication.  I use my diligence and determination to climb another rung on my ladder.