Network Bloggers @ ad DOTCOM is a group of expert bloggers engaged in creating online presence of your brands. We aim to make your product visible to your target audience through the Internet using blog platform and social media.

How Our Services Work

Our customized blog post is created by expert bloggers and published on their popular blogs. This post is then made available to subscribers and readers of the blog. The post about your brand can be a review or a very detailed content about your product or service. We will then use various social media to get your brand go trending like Facebook, Twitter and even more. Now that you achieve an enormous online presence, you will get more clients for your brands.

More than this, we have  a vast services made just for you.

Who Needs Our Services

Company website owners, business owners,  and even fellow bloggers.

What Brands We Blog? 

We cover a variety of brands we blog about.

  • a book launch
  • cosmetics
  • new food products
  • restaurants/branch/menu
  • gadgets, cellphones, computers
  • your company website or even your own blog


Contact us for a well suitable brand promotion.