no smoking signThe recognition of being addicted to smoking is possibly one of the toughest things to do. A person who is addicted to something especially when the addiction have undesirable effects, always negates that he is such.  Breaking the habit can be a more composite thing unless that person is strong-minded to do so.

Since acceptance is one of the strongest  factors, the two are: physical and emotional elements. If these three are existing, then a person  is a true bloodied smoking addict. Others tried to give up smoking but failed, thereby continuing the habit. But if you are really keen on quitting, there are several ways to do it. But first, know and acknowledge that you had that addiction.

However, how would you  know if you are already addicted to smoking?  This only started with a stick of cigarette out of curiosity, or invitation right? It may not taste right at the first, but later it was your mind that convinced you it feels good and pleasurable.  A stick after every meal followed suit, and before sleeping, and the next thing you knew, you are already consuming at least a pack a day. You become not aware of some real facts how smoking is damaging to you.

Now, the body system gets accustomed to it, and responds accordingly for every demand to smoke. It is controlling you, and you deny that you are now addicted to it. You become unwary of the money you spend, or the second hand smoke you exhale to your children, the dangers on your health. These are all alarming and some of the visual signals that you have become a smoking addict.

What is more embarrassing is that you can’t live without sticking a cigarette in your mouth,and it just stays there without lighting for a couple of hours because you can’t find a chance to do it. Would you like that? Well, addiction can be a choice. Unless you start today, you can never be one. Think of the pros and cons before trying one. It’s easier to think of the negativities rather than think of very few pleasures you can derive from smoking before deciding.