obese sonThe problem of mothers-to-be has now gained its counterpart. The health of the mother had been the focus of medical specialists and scientists, Purposely, the unborn baby is the primary concern, but now it’s the father-to-be taking the front. The subject:  Obesity of the father is possible to be transferred to the offspring even at the start of conception.

Be Aware of Disease Transfer

Diseases are liable to be acquired by the offspring from the parents no matter how careful they may be, the primary reason why expectant mothers are being subjected to prenatal check-ups. Sufficient medicine and healthful diets must be supplied to her. However careful, diseases may still leak and be transferred.

Communicable and contagious diseases are given considerable attention. Health centers all over the world supply free medicine to evade contamination.  Outreach programs and house-to-house campaigns are being conducted for a healthful population everywhere. But one distinct discovery that needs worldwide concern is obesity – a condition characterized by excessive bodily fat.

The Problem on Obese Fathers

Paternal obesity is not communicable or contagious, yet was proven by medical studies to cause overweight on the offspring even during the conception period, thereby increasing the risk of children to develop health-related cancers. Despite positivity, medical researchers are performing continuous experiments on rats.

Does the message scare women from having an obese partner?  If diseases can be cured, alternatives are there for obesity as well. This condition may run within the family, but the individual himself can take steps to prevent the impact to his offspring.

Father’s is borne by the children. He must cooperate with the mother in practicing proper care when mating. The father must at least maintain a healthful diet to stop his excessive fats from being acquired by mother, to form part of the offspring.

Hypertension, heart ailments, and cancer have been difficult experiences to the world.  Fathers must be conscious of their condition to their offspring as they grow. They must erase the adage of “Like Father, Like Son” to their children by being obese. Healthy children are the couple’s treasures.