A sleek creation in a long line of prevalent digital devices from Apple is the iPad Mini. Known as the creator of pervasive touchscreen devices, Apple Company has victoriously hit another fascinating gadget since the introduction of its first iPhone in 2007 followed then by the iPad in 2010.

There are lots of eBook readers and android tablets existing, however, iPad Mini vaunts the second largest screen among all of them in the lineup. The weight of iPad Mini is less than 11 ounces and considered lighter than any other eReader tablets of comparable size. Its usability is very friendly and easy to use.

You will never have a hard time accessing apps, highlighting sentences in eBooks as well as in resizing. Doing these things is just as simple as one touch, pinch or drag and release of your fingers. There are some features in the iPad Mini that can be accessed with three-and-four-fingered swipe. One good thing about this thing is that, it makes easy access to the most content such as books, magazines, newspapers, audios, videos, photos and documents.

Apple has been known of its quality and exclusiveness. Apple’s iBooks, an eReader and eBookstore combined can now be found in iPad Mini. In all more than 1.5 million eBooks, this 7 inches 11 ounces less creation can give us direct access to those eBooks. More so being fascinated that since iPad Mini allows us to access to other books both free and paid through online services, main competitors to iBooks and the iPad Mini offer free apps also enabling you to read and purchase their eBook catalogues on the iPad Mini. Reading PDF books and basically any document format in iBooks are not a problem at all.

iPad MiniMusic will never get lost in iPad Mini apps. iPad Mini comes with iTunes store in which millions of songs, movies and TV shows are easy access to download and have them purchased. Furthermore, iPad Mini gives free access to iCloud, where music, videos, photos, documents and everything digital can be stored. More so with its full access to the Web through Wi-Fi or an individual wireless plan you can purchase with iPad Mini 3G models. It is also included in eReader is Siri, the Apple’s voice-recognition digital personal assistant. Chatting and communicating with friends and family is now more amazing by using FaceTime in which both parties should have on their devices. The Mini has front and rear facing cameras. The front facing camera has 1.2 MP photos while the rear facing camera has 5MP photos.

To sum it all, iPad Mini has lots of app to choose from. Its characteristics are excellent. The iOS powers this consumer-driven device and you can read any eBook anywhere, with 10 or more hours of battery life. This sleek, smooth and durable iPad Mini by Apple is one of its best creations.