freelancing job sitesBeing a student is a real struggle financially, especially when you’re not one of those rich kids. Students have all the time and energy, but not enough money to spend on school projects or even on fancy things. However, having a part-time job is not easy while doing fulltime studies. Basically, we do not want our studies to get compromised. Fortunately there are online jobs that come in handy.

How about doing what you love, like writing, then earn some money out of it, and learn something new at the same time?

Online SEO writing is one of the online jobs that students are doing nowadays. You simply write articles about the topics assigned or you’ve chosen and follow the guidelines that should apply. SEO writing means assigning up to two keywords in the article thus, making the website optimized and get high ranks in the search engines.

Usually, the writing tasks require 300 to 600 words per article. The topics vary from technology, travel, food review, medical terms and procedures, and blogging. It depends on what the clients would assign or seek. If you are not familiar with the topics, you would have the initiation to search for references online and read. This is learning while earning! You do not only benefit financially but also intellectually as the work gives you more of the insight and updates of the things you merely know. It is like you would be forced to read newspaper.

Typically there is quota that the writers should meet, but when you are only writing for fun or during free times, there are also online writing jobs suit to that. You can write as much as you want or just whenever you feel like it. But it should not come to the point where you stop writing because this is still a job we are talking about. English is used as a medium as for universality purposes in order to make the website attractive to visitors. More visitors mean more traffic for the website. Therefore, the website owners monetize more their webpage and maximize earnings – – and that is simply how online jobs pay.