comment spamYou should understand how comment spam works on your blog. At times, you would notice (even if you have Aksimet installed or any Spam assassin) there are comment spams attacking your posts over and over again. This comment spam would want to get approved by you because these comments contain links going to their websites. And these robots is trying to get benefits from your blog post that has considerable amount of page views.

Now you know that this is the only benefit of comment spam on your blog. You would know what post or article from your blog is performing well. If you notice one single post being attacked by spam comments, then it is the one also ranked highest on your Google Analytics.

You may want to check this once before deleting your comment spam folder on your blog. See what on your blog posts has the most comment spam. Then compare it to the blog post that has the most number of page views from your Goggle Analytics report. It will be very clear that the most attacked blog post by comment spam will be the pageĀ  or blog post that has the most number of page views.

It will be a clear indication that if your blog is receiving too much comment spam, your blog is starting to perform well on search engines.

A comment spam is also called blog spam or social spam and is similar to that of email spam. The comment is of no value to your blog post. The comment usually is not related to your blog post. The only aim of this malicious comment is to promote spammer’s commercial website.

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