boy in painDifferent Individuals feel the same intensity of pain in differing degrees.  Some experience it severely causing them to faint.  Their degrees in other words differ from one person to another.

The Living Standards

In areas where families are a combination of the rich and the poor, children show distinguishable characteristics.  Those of the higher standards show higher sensitive to pain than those of the poverty level.

Considering the fact that these children are supplied with all the food nutrients, the necessary medicines and sanitary housing and environment, they are still very much behind their poor counterparts.  Resistance to pain is lesser controlled by their bodies.

Watching two grade school boys, one from an exclusive school and another from the dumpsite is not ordinary. The taller boy kept on bullying the smaller one until the latter had to flare up and gave him a long shoot. The result, the tall boy lay flat on the ground, his nose bleeding, his eyes closed and was gasping for breath.  Yet, the small boy was still of help for him to stand and regain consciousness.  This shows that persons used to hard life have more resistance to pain.

Support Studies

According to studies people differ in sensitivity to pain by their brain structure.  Sensitivity is linked to the thickness of the brain cortex, the portion providing control of feeling. Once the cortex is thin, as also with the gray matter, there is more sensitivity to pain.

As explained by scientists and medical experts, when in ‘default mode’, when a person is at rest, sleeping, or daydreaming, he is less sensitive to pain. At home or hospital people are given pain relievers, tranquilizers to sleeping pills to avoid feeling a headache or post-operational pain.


Numbness of the affected area and absence of attention lessen pain.  They may be the reasons why anesthesia is a combatant to pain.  In the rural areas, pepper or garlic juice is rubbed over the area of incisions for snakebites for painless results. But, however intense, sensitivity differs from individual to another.

Reference: Yahoo News